How much does it cost to paint a bumper?

Have you ever thought about painting a bumper on your car, due to scratches or dents? Surely you were wondering how much the service would cost. View here for more info: how much does it cost to paint a truck

The situation is everyday in traffic and generates some headache for vehicle owners. In the walk-and-stop of cities, a little carelessness and that's it! There goes the shiny painting of the front of the car, which touched the vehicle in front.

At that time, one of the questions that comes to mind is: How much does it cost to paint a bumper?

The bumper is by definition the part of the vehicle that was developed to absorb small impacts. In the past, they were metallic and later they were made of resistant plastic materials, but generally without paint.

Nowadays, it merges with the bodywork design and the painting is the same.

Even so, one of the parts of the car that is most prone to grating is the bumper, both front and rear.

It is that maneuver to get out of a street spot, leaning against a fixed object or a small knock from whoever comes after. For situations where only the painting was affected, the solution is to repaint it.

How much does it cost to paint a bumper?

The cost of painting a bumper varies depending on the damage . In traffic, the car protector may be scratched, scratched or slightly dented.

If the affected area is no larger than 20 cm, it is recommended to do just a touch up of the painting , thus avoiding repainting the entire piece.

The cost of repainting only part of the bumper varies according to the professional's workshop and technique. Therefore, both to repair a part and to paint the whole piece, it is recommended to research and, more importantly, have reference to the work done.

On average, a repair on the painting, only on a part that is damaged, costs from R $ 250 to R $ 400 in a good professional .

For an entire bumper, the budget can be in the range of R $ 400 to R $ 700 . Another factor that can add more value to the service is the shade and type of color.

Metallic colors are already more expensive than solid ones (usually white, black and red from simpler cars), but pearly colors far outweigh the value of metals.

Even in solids, colors like black and red, can end up generating higher budgets. For a service like this, the professional painter needs to perform some stages of the refinishing process.

He will need to sand the damaged part to remove the original paint.

After that, it is necessary to pass a product to remove the dirt, leaving the surface very clean. Then, the next step is to apply a PU fixative with at least two coats. Hence, the same paint as the car is applied, repeating the coat to reinforce.

Finally, repainting will need polishing to make it shine and thus harmonize with the rest of the piece, if applicable, or the entire car, if the job was to paint an entire bumper . The repair of the bumper is important for the aesthetics of the vehicle.

This means that it will be more valued with a better look than scratched or beaten. This raises its market value and also preserves the beauty of the product.

So, painting a bumper requires not only research, but also listening to that opinion of those who have already done the work.

For those who want to get their hands dirty, you can purchase the products separately and do the job, using sandpaper, remover, PU primer and spray paint.

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